Audit Link is a Bulgarian company based in the city of Sofia. We offer professional services - audit, accounting, financial and tax consulting, business plan development.  Our clients are companies of various sizes working in distinctly different fields. Our advantages lay in our profound knowledge of Bulgarian business culture and economic realities. Outstanding customer relations and confidentiality are characteristic of our team. 


Audit Link was established on November 20, 2001.  In 2002 the Company was contracted to provide financial services to the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems- the fourth largest military corporation in the world.  This cooperation continued in the following years as Audit Link performed financial inspection of suppliers and clarified tax laws.


In 2004, Audit Link was contracted by the Budget and Finances Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament to investigate and compile a report on the financial condition of the Kremikovtzi metallurgical plant. In the following year, the company performed consultations regarding the tax legislation and loans extended by Bulgaria to third parties.


In 2006 Audit Link entered into contractual relations with Israeli public companies concerning audit of financial statements of local companies; that cooperation is ongoing. 


In 2007 Audit Link developed its activities in the field of auditing of funding projects under the Operational Programmes of the European Union.


In 2009 the company received top evaluation from the authorities administering public oversight over registered auditors for the quality of its audit services.  Over the years, foreign audit companies conducted inspections of the auditing of local subsidiaries, confirming the quality of services performed by Audit Link.
The company is committed to charity and over the years has made substantial donations and provided assistance to people in distress and kindergartens.